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Sound and Audio Code Jam

Gain hands-on experience, meet other talented developers and compete to win!

Welcome to the second code jam of Python Simplified, all dedicated to the topic of sound and audio!

What is a Code Jam?

A code jam is a programming competition, where teams of talented developers create software, websites, databases, neural networks or other computer science related projects.

It is commonly a team sport, but in our case, you can even choose to do it alone (although we highly recommend teamwork).

When is the Code Jam?

The registration begins on July 10th 2022 on our discord server and ends 1 second before the jam officially begins on the 15th of July 2022.

Each team will have a full month to complete and submit their project before our favourite team of moderators will move on with the judging process (judging criteria can be found in a dedicated section below)

Python Simplified Discord Server

How can we Register?

Please join our discord server which serves as our main communication environment.

Then, please give a huge thumbs up 👍 to our rules - only once you do so you'll get an access to all the different channels and you'll be able to chat with us.

Next, please navigate to the code jam channel and add a reaction (preferably introduce yourself to all the lovely participants and moderators).

Once you do so - you'll gain access to the requests channel where the registration is.

To register, you will need the help of our very own Jam Bot (also known as BadgerBot5000 as Badger is the mastermind behind this super advanced piece of technology 😜)

Please make sure you type the following inside the code jam request channel:

/registration apply

Once you do so, BadgerBot5000 will offer you automatic options to select from. Starting from your timezone, your level of programming experience and whether you'd like to join a team or go for a solo submission.

Then, 24 hours before the jam begins, you will also need to confirm your registration so we can ensure that all the team members show up to participate. So please DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP, if you do - your registration will not go through!

So once again, inside the code jam requests channel, please type:

/registration confirm

If for any reason you decide to leave the jam, you can either skip the confirmation process, or you can simply type:

/registration withdraw

What happens after the registration?

once you confirm your registration - our jam bot will start allocating the teams based on your timezone and you level of experience. The set goal is to have versatile teams such that juniors can learn from seniors.

On July 15th all the different team channels will be created and you'll be able to find out who your team mates are and start getting to know each other. Next - the sky is the limit! let your imagination run wild and create something absolutely mind blowing!! We cannot wait to see what you come up with and we will be there to support you on this venture! 😊

What is the Grand Prize?

This code jam is brought to you by Apify, an incredibly powerful web scraping and automation platform.

Each member of the winning team is going to win a 6 month free subscription to Apify's personal plan (valued at $49 per month).

Personal Plan Subscription Includes

  • automate hundreds of time consuming tasks

  • hide your ip with proxies

  • run multiple scrapers at once

  • interact with Apify directly from your local environment using a Python API Client

  • Host and run your code on Apify's cloud

  • and much more!

So in other words - forget about Selenium, Mechanical Soup and Beautiful Soup and try a much more powerful professional platform absolutely for free!

For the full list of features, please checkout Apify's Plans Page or click on the logo below:

Web Scraping and Automation Support for Jammers

If your sound and audio project involves anything related to web scraping and automation - Apify will provide you with free plans and support for the entire duration of the jam!

Do you need to scrape music notes or lyrics? Do you need to automate some time consuming tasks? Please tag me in the private channel of your team @PythonSimplified with a brief description of what you'll need for your project and we will set you up with all the necessary tools! 🙂

Important Jam Rules

  1. All programming languages are welcome! you don't have to use Python, only if you want to!

  2. Folks from all levels of programming experience are welcome! if you can't help with coding - you can help with design, brainstorming, testing, writing documentation, content or any other administrative task. Even if you don't have much experience - this code jam is a perfect opportunity to gain it!

  3. The code you submit at the end of the jam MUST REMAIN OPEN SOURCE for generations to come so that other aspiring programmers can use it for educational purposes. Please feel free to expand your project after the jam and even turn it into a full-blown paid software - but please make sure that the portion of code you wrote during the jam will remain public.

  4. Your project must be in the realm of sound and audio.

  5. Each team will have 1 month to complete and submit their project.

Judging Criteria

To win the code jam you'll need to impress our lovely team of moderators, myself included!

We haven't changed the judging criteria from the last jam, so here are the general guidelines we'll take in consideration:

  1. creativity - blow our mind and go as far as your imagination takes you!

  2. code clarity - can somebody other than the team members understand the code? is it nice and neat with commentary?

  3. innovation - has anybody ever seen something like this before? or was it implemented in such way?

  4. functionality - does it work? 🤪 did you deliver what you intended to deliver?

  5. user experience - how convenient is your app/service for the average user?

  6. design - how appealing are the aesthetics? do you like how everything looks? (personal taste situation)

  7. modularity and separation of concerns - different pieces of functionality are logically separated, your HTML is in a different file than your CSS or Python, etc.

  8. teamwork - did all the active team members contributed to the efforts? did anybody leave the jam before the due date?

  9. clear README documentation - please make sure you give us a briefing of your project along with the dependencies, authors and sources (if any).

  10. clever control flow - smart use of conditional statements, loops, list comprehension, etc.

  11. EFFORT!!! if you put lots of hard work in your project but something went wrong - we will take that into consideration.

What if you don't win the first place?

Even if your project didn't land the first place you still gain something very valuable - practical experience and networking!

Not only will you make friends with developers from our industry, but you will also be able to share and receive knowledge from real people in real time!

In addition, you will have a brand new extraordinary project for your professional portfolio and you will have a much better idea about the processes involved in software design and development.

Do you have any questions?

Please reach out to myself or any of the moderators on Discord or please leave me a comment below the jam announcement video on YouTube:

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